Baseball Decorating Ideas

baseball decorating ideas

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  • Baseball was the first-ever baseball computer game, and was created on a PDP-10 mainframe computer at Pomona College in 1971 by student Don Daglow. The game (actually spelled BASBAL due to the 6-character file name length restrictions) continued to be enhanced periodically through 1976.

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Crazy Decorator

Crazy Decorator

The interior of Heavy's Barbecue was cluttered and confusing and seemed to have been decorated in the style of Early Swap Meet. This cheesehead reindeer leered out toward the pool table, daring you to make a scratch. Up in the rafters and across the walls were old wagons and plows and hitches and metal signs and baseball caps and.....

...and we learned from the set dressers that they moved out MOST of Heavy's decorations and put them into storage for the duration of our time shooting there. So what we were seeing was a selection of the "Best Of" Heavy's decroations. I seem to recall hearing that there was a fair amount of dusting and washing that happened before the shooting crew arrived, which makes you wonder what it was like to eat in the restaurant when it was in business.... sounds like Maxim's in Paris in the 1800's... mmmmmmm-mess.

What's interesting is, once they got into editing the film and changing the storyline around a bit it turned out that they needed to re-shoot this scene and recreated the set back in Los Angeles. I don't know if they tried to match the set so they could stitch in the new footage (in which case they'd probably have needed to ship some of Heavy's decor to LA)... it would seem to have been less hassle to have simply recreated the idea of the set and decorated using local prop/dressing houses out there.


Spiral-Ornament ball box(side)

Spiral-Ornament ball box(side)

This craft idea from Japanese KIMEKOMI craft.
The history of kimekomi (pronounced kee may ko mee) dates back to the first half of the eighteenth century. Kimekomi originated with dolls. A wooden base was carved into and fabric was then used to decorate the doll-clothing, face, hair, etc.
Kimekomi means “tuck in” in Japanese. They also may be known as “quilt balls”

I made this with a chirimen material tucked into styrene form ball. I scooped out the inside for the box.

AGAIN, This is a very delicate craft, don't throw it like a baseball!

5.5cm diameter

baseball decorating ideas

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