Metal Flower Decor - Corner Fireplace Decor

Metal Flower Decor

metal flower decor

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60s flower wall hanging

60s flower wall hanging

Flowers on the ground, flowers in the air. These 60s-esque, classy kitch, Anthropologie-y, metal flower wall hangings will add just the right amount of ambiance to your bedroom or parlor. Made of thin sheet metal, these antique flowers measure about 15 inches tall and 12 inches wide, and include a built in metal loop to hang with, and its balanced, so it will hang straight. These are light enough to use a straight pin to hang by- no unsightly nail holes gouged into your wall when you're perfectly placing these.

Fence Decor

Fence Decor

The flowers and dragonflies appear to be made of plastic. The wood and metal
structure resembles a flume? The tin and the knots in the wood that look like eyes
make this an interesting mish-mash paddy whack mix!

metal flower decor

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